Watch Parts Inspector: A description for the watch parts inspector job

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Watch Parts Inspector – Examines and measures watch and clock components, for example pinions, wheels, gears, pillar plates, shafts, pallets, wheel and pinion assemblies, and escapement assemblies to ensure conformance to tolerance specifications and quality standards, using loupe, precision measuring instruments, and electronic timing devices: Reads blueprints and inspection specifications for parts to be inspected to determine types and sequences of inspection and measuring instruments required. Examines components for surface defects, for example scratches, burrs, nicks, and blemishes, using loupe, optical comparator, microscope, and tweezers. Measures components to ensure adherence to dimensional specifications, using precision measuring instruments, for example gauges, calipers, dial indicators, comparascopes, and micrometers. Approves or rejects components according to inspection results and records reasons for rejection. Checks accuracy of measuring instruments, using calibrating equipment. May also project watch parts on screen to inspect parts [COMPARATOR OPERATOR (industry)]. May also weigh fine parts, for example timing, balance, and gold screws to ensure conformance to weight specifications, using balances and scales. May also test hardness of watch parts [HARDNESS INSPECTOR (heat treating)]. May also be designated according to component inspected as Arbor Inspector (watches industry), Balance-Staff Inspector (watches industry), Barrel Inspector (watches industry), Case Inspector (watches industry), Hands Inspector (watches industry), Mainspring-Strip Gauger (watches industry). May also be designated: Mainspring-Strip Inspector (watches industry), Pinion Inspector (watches industry), Plate Inspector (watches industry), Screw Inspector (watches industry).

Job industry: watches industry

Other job descriptions:
Watch Parts Inspector
Dial Refinisher
Auto Clocks Repairer
Hand Stoner
Set Up Worker
Timing Adjuster
Barrel Finisher
Polisher 3
Balance Wheel Screw Hole Tapper
Tooth Polisher
Alarm Mechanism Adjuster
Movement Assembler
Balance Truer
Balance Bridge Assembler
Bench Hand 3
Beveler 2
Blocker 3
Balance Wheel Arm Burnisher
Cannon Pinion Adjuster
Cap Jewel Plate Assembler
Clock Assembler
Collet Driller
Crown Attacher
Crown Wheel Assembler
Crystal Cutter
Dial Screw Assembler
Movement Assembly Final Inspector
Hairspring Adjuster
Balance Wheel Hand Filer
Hands Assembler
Barrel Assembly Inspector
Hairspring Truing Inspector
Hairspring I2Nspector
Wheel And Pinion Inspector
Jewel Inserter
Jewel Staker
Lacquerer 1
Mechanism Assembler
Oiler 1
Pallet Assembler
Pallet Rectifier
Regulator Pin Inserter
Dial Polisher
Put In Beat Adjuster
Set Staff Fitter
Hairspring Studder
Pinion And Wheel Truer
Collet Gluer
V Groove Cutter
Machine Deburrer
Driller And Broacher
End Polisher
Grinder 1A
Timing Inspector
Mainspring Winder And Oiler
Pinion Polisher
Balance Screwhead Polisher
Pierce And Shave Press Operator
Hand Profiler
Solderer 1
Tapper 2
Torque Tester
Tubing Machine Tender
Destaticizer Feeder
Machine Feeder 1
Band Attacher
Barrel Cap Setter
Crystal Attacher
Dial Brusher
Clock And Watch Hands Dipper
Foot Straightener
Gauger 2
Hairspring Cutter 1
Hairspring Cutter 2
Hammer Adjuster

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