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V Belt Builder – Builds up plies (layers) of rubber and filler to form V-belts: Hoists rolls of calendered rubber for belt base and filler from storage to worktable, using hoist. Sets drum to specified circumference by turning wheel and verifies size with rule. Pulls rubber from rolls and measures and cuts it with scissors. Brushes rubber cement on sides of rubber, lays one or more plies of rubber around drum, and splices ends. Threads end of cemented belt cord from spool through lathe guide and spots ends at edge of base rubber on drum. Sets gauge to wind specified cords per inch around length of base rubber and starts drum revolving. Lays one or more plies of filler rubber on top of cord. Starts pressure rollers that compress material on drum. Positions notched cutting bar across front of drum and cuts belting to specified width by holding knife in notches and pressing knife against revolving drum. Collapses drum and places cut belts on rack.

Job industry: rubber goods

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