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Tubing Assembler – Tube bender-assembler Fabricates and assembles tubing components for air, fuel, oil, hydraulic, and related systems of aircraft and spacecraft, according to specifications, using handtools, power tools, machines, equipment, and measuring instruments: Reads work order, blueprints, sketches, and bend data charts, or works from master tubing templates to determine tubing dimensions, configuration, and finish specifications. Establishes location of cutouts, holes, and trim lines of parts and relationship of parts to each other, using measuring instruments, for example rule, scales, and dividers. Sets up and operates variety of manual and power machines to cut, bend, form, swage, flare, bead, and burr tubing according to specifications. Attaches fittings, for example nuts, sleeves, collars, and caps, to tubing components, using handtools. Aligns, fits, and assembles tubing components in jigs and fixtures for subsequent welding. Modifies holding fixtures and jigs to conform to configuration of tubing samples by placing and fastening guides, stops, cradles, clamps, and rotation holders, using handtools. Measures and inspects tubing components for conformance to master tube data, using master template or measuring instruments. Tests tubing assemblies for leaks and other defects, using pressure testing equipment. Marks identifying information on tubing, using electro-chemical etching device, label, rubber stamp, or other method. Cleans and lubricates tubing and assemblies. May also weld tubing and fittings, using tack-welder, induction brazing chamber, or other equipment. May also operate tube-straightening machine. May also operate oven to form nylon, plastic, and shrink tubing. May also set up and operate computer-controlled tube bending systems to bend and check tubing.

Job industry: aerospace industry

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