Toolmakers And Related Jobs: A description for the toolmakers and related jobs group

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Toolmakers And Related Jobs: This job group consists off jobs regarding to the entire scope of constructing, repairing, maintaining, and calibrating machine-shop tools, jigs, fixtures, instruments, and metal-forming dies.

Job descriptions in this group:
Tool And Die Supervisor
Tool And Die Maker
Tool And Die Maker Apprentice
Set Up And Lay Out Inspector
Stamping Die Maker
Trim Die Maker
Wire Drawing Die Maker
Die Sinker
Die Casting And Plastic Molding Mold Maker
Tap And Die Maker Technician
Extrusion Die Template Maker
Tool Maker
Tool Machine Set Up Operator
Tool Maker Apprentice
Bench Stamping Die Maker
Stamping Die Try Out Worker
Gauge And Instrument Inspector
Tool Inspector
Bench Tool Maker
Tool And Fixture Repairer
Carbide Operator
Die Finisher
Die Maker
Die Polisher
Die Maker Apprentice
Plastic Tool Maker
Plastic Fixture Builder
Saw Maker
Template Maker
Electronic Die Maker
Profile Grinder Technician
Tool Dresser

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