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Studio Operations Engineer In Charge: Alternate titles: chief engineer, chief engineer, broadcasting operations, transmission engineer Directs and coordinates radio or television station activities regarding to acquisition, installation, and maintenance, or with modification of studio broadcasting equipment: Evaluates studio needs for new broadcasting equipment to determine if acquisition would be justified considering such factors as cost, availability, and improvement gain in technical performance, and authorizes acquisition according to evaluation. Directs activities regarding to layout and design of electrical circuitry for acquired equipment to ensure conformance with codes and safety regulations. Establishes procedures for operation and maintenance of studio, remote control, and microwave transmission equipment. Inspects, and directs testing and maintenance of studio, remote, and airborne broadcasting equipment to ensure operational performance meets company standards and rules and regulations of Federal Communications Commission. Develops modification plans for existing broadcasting equipment to improve technical performance. Directs modification and testing of equipment to ensure operational performance meets specified standards. Prepares repair and maintenance schedules for studio, remote, and airborne broadcasting equipment to prevent interruption of broadcasts. Contacts telephone company personnel to ensure leased landlines or microwave facilities are operative and available for network broadcasting [COMMERCIAL ENGINEER (broadcasting industry) 003.187-014]. Prepares annual budget for engineering department and controls expenditures within budget limitations. May also direct and coordinate activities of transmitter personnel [ENGINEER-IN-CHARGE, TRANSMITTER (broadcasting industry) 003.167-034]. May also operate and maintain transmitter equipment to broadcast radio and television programs [TRANSMITTER OPERATOR (broadcasting industry) 193.262-038]. May also inspect and direct repair and maintenance of unmanned stations. Must hold First Class Radiotelephone License issued by FCC.

Job industry: broadcasting industry

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