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State Board Of Nursing Executive Secretary: Directs activities of State Board of Nursing: Develops procedures relative to licensure by examination or endorsement, renewal of licenses, certification to other states, and discipline of licensees. Assumes responsibility for keeping board informed of relevant matter to aid in policy-making and decisions. Determines specific needs of program and provides for written plans and statement of policies. Ascertains number, scope, and responsibility of positions on board, selects staff, and delegates duties. Directs and supervises activities of staff and evaluates performance. Establishes system of record keeping and maintains up-to-date, comprehensive records of board activities and office procedures. Estimates and submits request for budget. Collects, analyzes, and prepares for publication data relating to nursing education and licensure. Initiates and cooperates in research projects. Participates in interpreting nursing laws, board rules and policies, and trends in nursing and nursing education. Issues licenses and recommends revocations and suspensions. Surveys schools of nursing to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Job industry: government industry

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