Spout Tender 2: A description for the spout tender 2 job

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Spout Tender 2 – Tends railcar loading devices to load bulk material, for example phosphatic fertilizer, into hopper cars and boxcars: Presses buttons on hand held control box to position loading spout and feed conveyor over compartment of hopper car. Presses buttons to start spout feed conveyor and to start flow of material from overhead bin onto feed conveyor. Observes flow of material into hopper car and presses buttons on control box to change position of spout to assure equal weight distribution in hopper car. Collects sample of material from spout as each compartment is filled to make up composite sample for laboratory analysis. Closes hinged hatch covers on top of hopper car. Attaches grain doors (wooden inner doors) to contain material in boxcar, using hammer and nails. Moves lever to position hydraulically powered loading chute into boxcar. Presses buttons to start flow of material from overhead bin and to start slinger unit (high speed conveyor in curved end of chute) which throws material to ends of boxcar. Moves levers to swivel slinger to distribute load evenly. Cleans boxcars and hopper cars to eliminate product contamination, using broom and shovel.

Job industry: chemical industry

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