Ship Captains Mates Pilots And Engineers: A description for the ship captains mates pilots and engineers group

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Ship Captains Mates Pilots And Engineers: This job group consists off jobs regarding to managing and operating vessels. Includes jobs regarding to technical supervision of marine operations for a group of vessels, administrative and technical responsibility for the operation, maintenance, and safety of a passenger or cargo vessel, the planning and supervision of operations and maintenance in the deck and engine departments of a vessel, administration of business affairs, for example purchasing, disbursing, and ensuring compliance with customs and immigration regulations, aboard a vessel, and piloting vessels through rivers, straits, and harbors.

Job descriptions in this group:
Fishing Vessel Captain
Yacht Master
Fishing Vessel Mate
Ship Mate
Ship Pilot
Tugboat Captain
Tugboat Mate
Dredge Mate
Dredge Captain
Ferryboat Captain
Passenger Barge Master
Riverboat Master
Ship Master

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