Shellfish Bed Worker: A description for the shellfish bed worker job

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Shellfish Bed Worker: Bed worker Cultivates and harvests shellfish by performing any combination of following duties: Loads marking stakes on barge, and moves barge to shellfish bed. Drives stakes into mud in pattern specified by SHELLFISH GROWER (fishing industry), using sledgehammer. Sows spat by scattering it within staked enclosure. Covers seeded area with mixture of sand and broken shells of shellfish onto which spat attaches, using shovel. Wades in shellfish bed and digs or rakes for shellfish, using rake, fork, and spade. Treads in water and feels for shellfish with bare feet, gathers shellfish, and drops them into container. Reaches from boat with rake-tongs and gropes for shellfish by moving handles to open and close tongs. Drags brail rod (pipe with series of hooks attached) behind powerboat to pull shellfish from mud. Rigs and lowers dredge into shellfish bed from mast and boom of powerboat, using block and tackle. Hoists dredge and pulls dump ring to empty catch. Picks out market-size shellfish from catch, and replants smaller ones. Packs and ices marketable shellfish in containers for shipment. Unloads loose shellfish from boat, using shovel. May also be designated according to type of shellfish bed worked as Clam-Bed Worker (fishing industry), Oyster-Bed Worker (fishing industry), shellfish harvested as Fisher, Clam (fishing industry), Fisher, Oyster (fishing industry), or task performed as Clam Digger (fishing industry), Oyster Unloader (fishing industry). May also be designated: Clam Tonger (fishing industry), Clam Treader (fishing industry), Fisher, Mussel (fishing industry), Fisher, Quahog (fishing industry), Fisher, Scallop (fishing industry), Oyster Dredger (fishing industry), Oyster Picker (fishing industry), Oyster Tonger (fishing industry), Oyster Worker (fishing industry), Scallop Dredger (fishing industry), Scallop Raker (fishing industry).

Job industry: fishing industry

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