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Salvage Laborer – Reclaimer, salvager, trash collector, waste collector Salvages materials in industrial or commercial establishment, performing any combination of duties: Collects reusable items or waste materials, for example lumber, paper, rags, fiber, yarn, rubber, beer and soft drink bottles, chemicals, and scrap metal, in scrap gondolas, barrels, or other containers, using handtruck, industrial truck, or wheelbarrow. Inspects materials and sorts items or materials into piles or places in bins or barrels according to type, size, condition, coloring, marking, or other characteristics. Salvages reusable materials and disposes of waste by pouring into sewer or waste containers, loading onto vehicle, or by burning or baling waste. Moves reusable materials to production department or storage. Separates metal particles from waste, using wire screen or magnet. Attaches labels to waste and salvage containers to identify contents. Weighs materials and containers and keeps records of total amount of waste collected. Dumps waste material, for example broke (waste paper and pulp), into machine tank for reprocessing. Makes minor repairs to scrap containers, for example bumping out dents, using handtools. May also be designated according to kind of material salvaged as Broke Handler (pulp and paper industry), Lumber Salvager (industry), Metal Sorter (industry), Rag Sorter (industry), Sack Sorter (industry), Scrap Sorter (industry), or specialized assignment as Scrap Burner (industry).

Job industry: industry

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