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Saddle Maker – Cuts, assembles, and joins leather parts and other materials to form saddle, following specifications, for example size of saddle, color and grain of leather, or type of saddle: Cuts out parts, according to specifications. Joins edges of parts to form saddle tree cover, using needle and thread or stitching machine. Positions covering and cushioning materials, for example cotton batting, foam rubber, or mohair over saddle tree. Joins covering to saddle tree, using cement, nails, needle and thread, or stitching machine. Attaches accessories or ornamentation to saddle with rivets or needle and thread. Applies paint and liquid dressing to produce glossy finish, using brush or sponge. May also cut and stamp lettering and decorative designs into surface of leather, [LEATHER STAMPER (leather products industry)]. May also be designated according to type of saddle made as Western-Saddle Maker (leather products industry). May also specialize in replacement of damaged saddle parts, for example cushioned seats, canvas girths, cinches, and saddle bags, and be designated Saddler (leather products industry) (retail industry).

Job industry: leather products industry

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