Rocket Engine Component Mechanic: A description for the rocket engine component mechanic job

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Rocket Engine Component Mechanic – Assembles, tests, and repairs pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical components of rocket motors or rocket engines, according to specifications, using handtools, power tools, and precision measuring and testing instruments: Positions parts in jigs and holding fixtures to facilitate assembly. Fits and assembles interrelating precision parts, using handtools. Inspects configuration and dimensions of assemblies, using instruments, for example optical flats, micrometers, calipers, dial indicators, and monolight instruments. Tests assemblies to determine conditions, for example internal leakage, pressure differentials, and cycles of operation, using gauges, meters, and chemicals. Conducts functional tests to determine mechanical performance. Analyzes malfunctions to determine causes, and repairs, adjusts, synchronizes, and calibrates assemblies. May also perform welding and acid etching on various materials. May also operate computer to record, analyze, and interpret test data.

Job industry: aerospace industry

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