Regular Equipment Sewing-Machine Operator: A description for the regular equipment sewing-machine operator job

Regular Equipment Sewing-Machine Operator

Regular Equipment Sewing-Machine Operator: Operates various sewing machines to join parts of fabricated articles or garments: Places spool of thread on spindle of machine and draws thread through machine guides, tensions, and eye of needle. Inserts bobbin into shuttle and draws thread through slot in shuttle wall, or draws thread through guide and looper eye. Presses knee lever, depresses pedal, or moves hand lever to raise presser foot or spread feed cups. Positions parts to be joined under presser foot and needle and lowers presser foot. Starts, stops, and controls speed of machine, using pedal or knee lever. Guides parts under needle, using fingers and hands, and following edges, seams, guides on machine bed, or markings on part. Observes stitching to detect defects and notifies supervisor or sewing-machine repairer (industry) when defects are caused by machine malfunction. May also select sewing supplies, for example binding, braid, cord, piping, tape, thread, or welt, according to specifications or color of material. May also cut excess material or thread, using blade attached to machine or scissors. May also oil machine, change needles, or secure modifying attachments to machine. Classifications are usually made according to type of machine, garment part sewn, product fabricated, or modifying attachment on machine.

Other master job titles:
Supervisor 1
Test Engineer
Automatic Sewing-Machine Operator
Sales Representative
Sales Engineer
Research Engineer
Products Design Engineer
Facilities Design Engineer

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