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Public Health Registrar: Records and maintains birth and death certificates and communicable disease reports, and prepares statistical data and medical reports for city or county public health department: Registers birth, death, and communicable disease statistics from information supplied by physicians, hospital personnel, funeral directors, and representatives from other agencies. Analyzes cause of death statements and communicable disease reports for compliance with laws and local regulations, consistency, and completeness. Contacts information sources concerning vital statistics and disease reports to resolve discrepancies and obtain additional information. Makes certified copies of documents and issues permits to remove and bury bodies. Prepares reports, for example epidemiological case history and morbidity report and keeps file of communicable disease cases. Refers tuberculosis cases and contacts to appropriate health agencies for consultation, treatment referral, and assistance in disease control. Obtains medical, statistical, and sociological data for use by workers in various public health departments. Assists in maintaining statistical data file and medical information reference library.

Job industry: government industry

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