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Private Investigator: Detective, private eye, undercover agent, undercover operator Conducts private investigations to locate missing persons, obtain confidential information, and solve crimes: Questions individuals to locate missing persons. Conducts surveillance of suspects using binoculars and cameras. Conducts background investigation of individual to obtain data on character, financial status, and personal history. Examines scene of crime for clues and submits fingerprints and findings to laboratory for identification and analysis. Writes reports of investigations for clients. Reports criminal information to police and testifies in court. May also investigate activities of individuals in divorce and child custody cases. May also arrange lie detector tests for employees of clients or witnesses. May also escort valuables to protect client’s property. May also be employed in commercial or industrial establishments for undercover work [DETECTIVE (industry) I] or be assigned to guard persons [BODYGUARD (personal services)].

Job industry: business industry

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