Precision Lens Generator: A description for the precision lens generator job

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Precision Lens Generator – Sets up and operates lens generating machine to grind ophthalmic and optical element blanks, for example lenses, prisms, and optical flats, to specified curvature and thickness: Reads work orders, sketch, or blueprint to ascertain grinding specifications. Selects specified size holding tool or fabricates tool to fit optic blank. Presses blank into holding tool and mounts tool in generator. Selects specified diamond grinding wheel and secures wheel on generator spindle. Adjusts generator controls to regulate rotation speed of tool and blank, rate of feed, angle of arc, and depth of cut. Positions coolant nozzle over blank and starts generator to grind blank to specified curvature and thickness. Observes generator operation. Stops generator after specified time lapse and measures optic blank to verify curvature and thickness, using precision measuring instruments, for example dial gauge, spherometer, and micrometer. May also utilize pitch or vacuum holding device to secure blank on holding tool. May also move generator controls manually to grind blank. May also operate surface grinder or milling machine to generate optical surfaces. May also be designated according to type lens ground as Cataract-Lens Generator (optical industry), Eyeglass-Lens Generator (optical industry), Instrument-Lens Generator (optical industry), Multifocal-Button Generator (optical industry). May also operate lens generator to remove scratches and true surface of lens and be designated Truer (optical industry).

Job industry: optical industry

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