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Poultry Farmworker: Helper, chicken farm, poultry helper Performs any combinations of following duties regarding to raising poultry for eggs and meat: Removes chicks from shipping cartons and places them in brooder houses. Cleans and fills feeders and water containers. Sprays poultry houses with disinfectants and vaccines. Inspects poultry for diseases and removes weak, ill, and dead poultry from flock. Collects eggs from trap nests, releases hens from nests, and records number of eggs laid by each hen. Packs eggs in cases or cartons, selects, weighs, and crates fryers and pullets, and records totals packed or crated on shipping or storage document. Maintains feeding and breeding reports. Monitors feed, water, illumination, and ventilation systems, and cleans, adjusts, lubricates, and replaces systems parts, using handtools. May also cut off tips of beaks. May also be designated according to type of farm or product as Farmworker, Brooder Farm (agricultural services industry), Farmworker, Chicken Farm (agricultural services industry), Farmworker, Egg-Producing Farm (agricultural services industry), Farmworker, Fryer Farm (agricultural services industry), Farmworker, Pullet Farm (agricultural services industry), Farmworker, Turkey Farm (agricultural services industry).

Job industry: agricultural services industry

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