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Plastics Worker – Composite worker Performs any combination of following tasks to fabricate plastic aircraft and missile parts, accessories, and trim according to specifications: Cuts fiberglass or graphite (composite) cloth to size, following template or blueprints, using cutting machine, scissors, or knife. Marks identifying information on material and assembles materials in kits for subsequent laminating. Applies parting agent to mold or bonding fixture. Impregnates cloth with resins by dipping cloth in solutions, feeding cloth between rollers of impregnating machine, or brushing resin onto cloth. Applies layers of impregnated cloth or prepreg onto mold or fixture in predetermined ply sequence, and presses cloth to fit contours of mold, smooth surface, and remove air pockets and excess resin, using squeegee, scraper, or spatula. Fits and laps ends of cloth, using scissors or knife. Encases molded laminate in bagging material and bleeder cloth, attaches vacuum bagging apparatus, for example thermocouples, probes, and vacuum connections, to mold or bonding fixture, and exhausts air from vacuum bag to seal laminate for curing. Tests seal on vacuum bagging apparatus, using leak detector. Trims, drills, burrs, grinds, sands, and finishes cured parts to specifications, using templates, fixtures, handtools, and power tools. Prefits and assembles cured parts into assemblies or subassemblies, using jigs, fixtures, power tools, and fasteners, for example rivets and bolts. Applies adhesives to surface of assembled parts for bonding in autoclave. May also assist PLASTICS FABRICATOR (aerospace industry) (plastic industry) 754.381-018 in fabricating plastic or composite first article parts and assemblies or parts and assemblies involving compound or complex contours, working to close tolerances. May also tend oven to cure parts. May also assist AUTOCLAVE OPERATOR (aerospace industry) 553.362-014 in loading and unloading parts from autoclave. May also form and cure rubber parts, using heat lamps or vacuum molding machine. May also be designated by type of plastic or specific activity involved as Bagger (aerospace industry), Composite Assembler (aerospace industry), Composite Bond Worker (aerospace industry), Composite Laminator (aerospace industry), Composite Layup Worker (aerospace industry), Composite Trim And Drill Worker (aerospace industry), Kitter (aerospace industry), Plastic Parts Fabricator-Trimmer (aerospace industry), Smooth And Burr Worker, Composites (aerospace industry).

Job industry: aerospace industry

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