Photographic Equipment Inspector: A description for the photographic equipment inspector job

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Photographic Equipment Inspector – Inspector, precision Inspects parts, subassemblies, and assembled photographic apparatus, for example still and motion picture cameras, magazines, enlargers, flash units, and film developing machines for conformance to verbal and diagrammatic specifications, using precision measuring and testing instruments: Examines blueprints, wiring diagrams, and other specifications to determine parts, dimensions, and tolerances required. Examines equipment for defects, for example missing parts, incorrect serial numbers, flaws in castings, and light leakage. Measures parts to ensure conformance to dimensional specifications, using micrometers, gauges, rules, and other precision measuring instruments. Tests functioning of electronic components, using test instruments, for example voltmeters, oscilloscopes, and signal generators. Trips camera shutters to verify timing, using timing device. Measures focal distance of lenses, using depth micrometer or collimator. Traces electrical wiring and examines connections to detect assembly defects and tests electrical circuits for continuity, using wire diagrams and continuity meter. Examines test film to detect faulty operation of cameras, using projector, viewing screen, and hand lens. Records inspection data and marks or stamps inspection tag to indicate acceptance or rejection of equipment inspected.

Job industry: photo industry

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