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Patternmaker 7 I – Draws and cuts out sets of master patterns for articles, for example garments, parachutes, and upholstery, following sketches, sample articles and design specifications: Examines sketches or sample articles and design specifications to ascertain number, shape, and size of pattern parts and quantity of cloth required to make finished article, using knowledge of manufacturing processes and characteristics of fabrics. Discusses design specifications with designer, when necessary. Draws outlines of parts on paper, using drafting instruments, for example calipers, squares, straight and curved rules, and pencils. Draws details on outlined parts to indicate position of pleats, pockets, buttonholes, and other items. Marks outlined garment parts with lines and notches that serve as guides in joining parts of garment. Cuts out master patterns, using scissors and knife, and marks size and style information on patterns. May also draw and cut out sets of patterns of different sizes, following master patterns [PATTERN GRADER-CUTTER (clothing industry) 781.381-022]. May also fabricate template from plywood, trace around template with chalk to outline pattern on material, and cut off parts, using power shears [DEVELOPER PROVER, INTERIOR ASSEMBLIES (aerospace industry) 693.261-010].

Job industry: furniture industry clothing industry textile products

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