Paper Cutting Winding And Related Jobs: A description for the paper cutting winding and related jobs group

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Paper Cutting Winding And Related Jobs – This job group consists off jobs regarding to cutting multiple sheets of paper, pasteboard, and similar material to specific size, and forming spiral or convolute paper tubing to make such articles as paper containers and covers.

Job descriptions in this group:
Coremaker Supervisor
Panel Machine Setter
Ribbon Hanking Machine Operator
Paper Cutter
Convolute Tube Winder
Core Winding Operator
Cutting Machine Operator 1
Spiral Tube Winder
Book Trimmer
Book Jacket Cover Machine Operator
Carbon Paper Interleafer
Comb Machine Operator
Corner Cutter
Cut Off Machine Operator 2
Panel Machine Operator
Paper Core Machine Operator
Paper Reel Operator
Process Machine Operator
Reeler 1
Rewinder Operator
Roll Reclaimer
Roll Slicing Machine Tender
Rolling Machine Operator 2
Round Corner Cutter Operator
Slotter Operator
Tightening Machine Operator
Tube Sizer And Cutter Operator
Band Saw Operator 1
Rotary Cutter Feeder
Slotter Operator Helper
Roll Examiner
Spiral Tube Winder Helper

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