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Offset Press Operator 2 – Dial printer Tends manually controlled offset press that prints lettering on products, for example dial faces and plastic containers: Rolls machine carriage, equipped with pair of clean and inked cylinders, back and forth over press bed to ink engraved plates or dies and transfer impression to clean cylinder. Positions dial faces or containers in holders in front of engraved plates. Pulls carriage forward so that letters are impressed on clean cylinder and transferred to surface of product. Inspects product for smears, stains, uniform shading, and contrast. Places product on tray and places tray into oven to dry printing ink, or places product on conveyor leading to drying oven. Prints flexible containers on press equipped with airhose, forces air into container with hose to produce solid surface for printing. Periodically washes cylinders with solvent. Spreads ink on cleaned cylinder with spatula. May also clean smears and spots from rejects with solvent and reprint them. May also change ink, rollers, and die cut to print more than one color.

Job industry: printing industry

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