Mold Maker 1A: A description for the mold maker 1a job

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Mold Maker 1A – Constructs molds used for casting plaster objects, for example ashtrays, plaques, figurines, and statuary, using wet plaster, treated fiberglass, or liquid rubber: Covers model of object from which mold is to be made with lubricant to prevent mold from sticking to model. Immerses portion of model in container of wet plaster to make half of mold and allows plaster to harden. Immerses other half of model to complete mold. Makes section of fiberglass mold by covering portion of model with layers of fiberglass treated to harden when allowed to set. Allows fiberglass to harden and repeats process, covering other portions of model until mold is complete. Sprays liquid rubber over model to make rubber mold, using spray gun. Allows rubber to harden and pulls model from rubber mold. Removes mold sections of plaster or fiberglass mold form. Bores holes in edges of sections of mold for insertion of bolts to hold sections together, using power drill, or binds sections together with cord. Smooths surfaces of mold, using scraping tool and sandpaper.

Job industry: abrasive

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