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Metal Products Fabricator Assembler – Fabricates and assembles metal products, for example window sashes, casements, doors, awning frames, shells, cases, and tubular products, for example golf carts or furniture, as specified by work orders, diagrams, and templates, using handtools, power tools, and metalworking machinery: Lays out and marks reference points onto components, using template, rule, square, compass, and scale [LAY-OUT WORKER (industry) II 809.381-014]. Operates machines, for example shears, cutoff saws, brakes, punch press, form roll and drill press, to cut and shape components to specified dimensions [MACHINE OPERATOR (industry) II 619.685-062]. Fits [FITTER (industry) II 706.684-054] and assembles components, using fixtures, handtools, and portable power tools, for example grinders, drills, power wrenches, and riveters. Operates machines, for example arbor presses, riveting press, brazing machine, and resistance-welding machines, to complete assembly. May also weld components together. May also be designated by specialty as Awning-Frame Maker (products industry), Metal Screen, Storm Door, And Window Builder (structural industry), Tubular-Products Fabricator (industry).

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Other job descriptions:
Metal Products Fabricator Assembler
Lay Out Worker 1A
Milking System Installer
Ornamental Iron Worker
Ornamental Iron Worker Apprentice
Pneumatic Tool Operator
Solar Fabrication Technician
Balancing Machine Set Up Worker
Awning Frame Maker
Track Template Maker
Aluminum Pool Installer
Hull And Deck Remover
Unit Assembler
Production Line Assembler 1
Metal Casket Assembler
Hand Driller 1
Fiberglass Boat Parts Finisher
Grinder Chipper 2
Metal Hanger
Finished Metal Repairer
Wheel Assembler
Panel Laminator
Duct Maker
Manufacturing Helper
Inspector And Tester 1
Shipyard Laborer
Mold Preparer
Arc Welding Machine Operator
Arc Welder Apprentice
Arc Welder
Gun Welder
Tack Welder
Gas Welding Machine Operator
Gas Welder Apprentice
Gas Welder
Resistance Machine Welder Setter
Resistance Welding Machine Operator
Brazing Machine Setter
Induction Heating Equipment Setter
Induction Brazer
Brazing Machine Operator
Furnace Brazer
Resistance Brazer
Assembler Brazer
Solderer Assembler
Solderer Dipper
Production Line Solderer
Torch 1 Solderer
Ultrasonic Hand Solderer
Controlled Atmospheric Furnace Brazer
Friction Welding Machine Operator
Ultrasonic Welding Machine Operator
Explosion Welder
Electron Beam Machine Welder Setter
Electron Beam Welding Machine Operator
Electroslag Welding Machine Operator
Laser Beam Machine Operator
Thermit Welding Machine Operator
Arc Cutter
Hand 1 Thermal Cutter
Thermal Cutting Machine Operator
Scarfing Machine Operator
Hand 2 Thermal Cutter
Lead Burner Supervisor
Welding Supervisor
Flame Cutting Supervisor
Lead Burner 1
Lead Burner Apprentice
Weld Inspector 1
Experimental Welder
Welder Fitter
Welder Fitter Apprentice
Welder Assembler
Combination Welder
Combination Welder Apprentice
Plate Conditioner
Machine Helper 2
Production Line Welder
Welding Machine Tender
Machine Feeder 2
Weld Inspector 2
Welder Helper
Substation Electrician Supervisor
Transformer Assembly Supervisor
Powerhouse Electrician Apprentice
Powerhouse Electrician

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