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Metal Machining Jobs Nec – This job group consists off jobs, not elsewhere classified, regarding to shaping metal parts or products by removing excess material from stock or objects. Removing excess material from nonmetallic materials, except wood, is also included when the methods and machine tools commonly applied to the machining of metal are used.

Job descriptions in this group:
Production Machine Shop Supervisor
Screw Supervisor
Supervisor 16 I
Automatic Machines Supervisor
Watch Manufacturing Supervisor
Inspection Supervisor 3
Mold Making Supervisor
Mold Shop Supervisor
Slab Conditioner Supervisor
Ballistics Laboratory Gunsmith
Numerical Control Tool Programmer 1
Trim Machine Adjuster
Numerical Control Machine Set Up Operator
Floor Inspector
Numerical Control Machine Operator
Electrical Discharge Machine Set Up Operator
Threading Machine Setter
Balancing Machine Operator
Production Electrical Discharge Machine Operator
Straight Pin Making Machine Operator
Automatic Wheel Line Operator
Collet Maker
Crook Operator
Centrifugal Control Switches Machine Operator
Nicking Machine Operator
Automatic Screwmaker
General Inspector
General Laborer 9 I
Ball Sorter
Automatic Engraver
Production Machine Tender
Transfer Machine Operator
Trim Machine Operator

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