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Material Handler – Distributor, floor worker, line supply, loader and unloader, servicer, stacker, utility worker Loads, unloads, and moves materials within or near plant, yard, or work site, performing any combination of following duties: Reads work order or follows oral instructions to ascertain materials or containers to be moved. Opens containers, using steel cutters, crowbar, clawhammer, or other handtools. Loads and unloads materials onto or from pallets, trays, racks, and shelves by hand. Loads materials into vehicles and installs strapping, bracing, or padding to prevent shifting or damage in transit, using handtools. Conveys materials to or from storage or work sites to designated area, using handtruck, electric dolly, wheelbarrow, or other device. Secures lifting attachments to materials and conveys load to destination, using hand-operated crane or hoist, or signals crane or hoisting operators to move load to destination [LABORER, HOISTING (industry) 921.667-022]. Counts, weighs, and records number of units of materials moved or handled on daily production sheet. Attaches identifying tags or labels to materials or marks information on cases, bales, or other containers. Loads truck for INDUSTRIAL-TRUCK OPERATOR (industry) 921.683-050. Stacks or assembles materials into bundles and bands bundles together, using banding machine and clincher. Clamps sections of portable conveyor together or places conveyor sections on blocks or boxes to facilitate movement of materials or products. Removes samples of materials, labels with identifying information, and takes samples to laboratory for analysis [LABORATORY-SAMPLE CARRIER (industry) 922.687-054]. Lifts heavy objects by hand or using power hoist, and cleans work area, machines, and equipment, using broom, rags, and cleaning compounds, to assist machine operators. Makes simple adjustments or repairs, for example realigning belts or replacing rollers, using handtools. Assembles crates to contain products, for example machines or vehicles, using handtools and precut lumber. Shovels loose materials, for example sand, gravel, metals, plastics, or chemicals, into machine hoppers or into vehicles and containers, for example wheelbarrows, scrap truck, or barrels. May also occasionally operate industrial truck or electric hoist to assist in loading or moving materials and products. May also be designated according to material handled as Filling Hauler, Weaving (textile industry), according to method of conveying materials as Lugger (agricultural services industry), according to machine or equipment loaded or unloaded as Blunger Loader (porcelain industry), Vehicle Unloader (industry), or according to work station as Outside Trucker (industry), Platform Loader (industry). May also be designated: Bale Piler (textile industry), Batch Trucker (rubber tire), Bobbin Handler (textile industry), Car Loader (industry), Cloth Hauler (textile industry), Coal Passer (industry), Compress Trucker (agricultural services industry), Hogshead Dumper (tobacco industry), Kiln Car Unloader (brick industry), Laborer, Yard (industry), Loader (industry) II, Lumber-Yard Worker (wood working), Merchandise Carrier (industry), Mold Mover (games industry), Oven Stripper (industry), Oven Unloader (industry), Packaging-Machine-Supplies Distributor (tobacco industry), Slab Picker (sawmill and planing mill), Powder Trucker (chemical industry) (ordnance), Rack Carrier (paper industry), Racker (industry), Retort Loader (chemical industry), Roper (agricultural services industry), Roving Stock Handler (textile industry), Scrap Wheeler (machine shop), Segregator (agricultural services industry) (trade industry), Sugar Trucker (feed industry), Tire Trucker (rubber tire), Trucker, Hand (industry).

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