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Machinists And Related Jobs: This job group consists off jobs regarding to shaping metal parts by milling, turning, planing, abrading, boring, chipping, sawing, and shaving, using a variety of metalworking machines. Includes laying out, job setting, fitting, assembling, and repairing. The machining of nonmetallic materials, except wood, is also included when the methods and machine tools commonly applied to the machining of metal are used. Jobs primarily regarding to machine shop tools are included in Group 601 and machining gears in Group 602.

Job descriptions in this group:
Tool Machine Shop Supervisor
Salvage Engineer
Experimental Mechanic
Firearms Model Maker
Experimental Machinist
Steam And Gas Turbine Assembler
Instrument Maker
Instrument Maker And Repairer
Instrument Maker Apprentice
Machinist Apprentice
Automotive Machinist Apprentice
Automotive Machinist
Maintenance Machinist
Metal Patternmaker Apprentice
Metal Patternmaker
Appliances Sample Maker
Fluid Power Mechanic
Lay Out Inspector
Lay Out Worker
Machine Builder
Machine Try Out Setter
Machine Setter
Fixture Maker
Machine Set Up Operator
Machine Setter 1
Turbine Blade Assembler

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