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Machine Try Out Setter: Detail maker and fitter Sets up prototype metalworking machines, for example lathe, milling machine, or forging press to verify conformance to operating specifications, according to knowledge of inspection and machining techniques, tools and processes: Examines electrical components, for example electrical timers, relays, and switches, to ensure adequate functioning of automatic cycles. Compares rotary table indexing, when present, to specifications. Inspects fixture alignment, machine table movement, and position of cutting tools, using instruments, for example dial indicators, height setting devices and gauges. Installs dies or tool holders and tools, following blueprints, and using handtools and measuring instruments. Sets controls to regulate speed of feed, depth of cut, or length of ram stroke, according to type of machine being tested. Operates machine to obtain sample workpiece. Verifies conformance of workpiece to specifications, using measuring instruments, for example calipers, micrometers, and gauges. Determines cause of malfunction from inspection data. Repairs electrical and mechanical components and reports electronic malfunction to supervisor. Records operational data, for example pressure readings, length of stroke, feeds, and speeds, for customer use. May also demonstrate setup and operation for customer personnel. May also be designated according to type of machine as Honing-Machine Try-Out Setter (tools industry).

Job industry: tools industry

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