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Machine Stonecutter – Surfacer operator, surfacing-machine operator Operates pneumatic surfacing machine to shape and surface stone for building or monumental purposes: Aligns stone with surfacing machine head as stone is lowered on timber or stone bed, and levels stone, using crowbar, hammer, blocks, wedges, and spirit level. Lays out dimensions on stone surface according to diagram, using rule, square, crayon, or chalked line. Chips off stone in excess of stone required for finishing, using hammer and chisels or bull-set (wedge-shaped hammer). Inserts surfacing chisels or bushhammer into surfacing head according to finish specified or task being performed. Turns crank to lower surfacing head onto stone. Turns compressed air valve to activate cutting tool and guides tool over stone surface, following marks on stone and diagram of finished product, to chip fragments from stone surface and work surface down to an even finish. Scans specifications and verifies progress of surfacing, using straightedge, rule, and square. Finishes curved or irregular surfaces, using pneumatic handtools.

Job industry: stone industry

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