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Machine Cleaner – Machine brusher, machine rubber, wiper Cleans dust, dirt, grease, and lint from machines and auxiliary equipment, for example tanks and pipelines, in industrial plant or aboard ship, using cleaning solutions, waste, rags, waterhose, pumps, lint vacuum system, airhose, brushes, and scraping tools: Cleans screen on lint vacuum system and replaces worn screen. May also clean plant sewage treatment system and water supply wells. May also remove machine guards and accessories, using handtools. May also paint exposed surfaces of machines to prevent rust. May also oil moving parts or wearing surfaces. May also clean floors around machine, using broom or vacuum cleaner. May also be designated according to machine or part of machine cleaned as Bottle-Packing-Machine Cleaner (industry), Creel Cleaner (textile industry), Opening-Machine Cleaner (textile industry), Pin Cleaner (textile industry), Rack Cleaner (textile industry), Shafting Cleaner (industry). May also be designated: Card Cleaner (textile industry), Guide-Rail Cleaner (textile industry), Loom Blower (textile industry).

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