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Lock Corner Machine Operator – Operates routing machine with horizontal spindles to cut matching dovetail or rectangular tenon and mortise to form interlocking joints in end of woodstock: Selects, installs, and spaces bits on spindles of machine according to width and number of cuts specified, using rule and wrench and following work ticket. Aligns jigs, guides, and stops to control depth and length of cut, using rule and wrench. Presses button to start machine, inserts stock against sideguide, and depresses pedal to force stock through bits to cut male portion of dovetail. Inserts stock against sideguide and between clamps to cut female dovetail. Fits male and female dovetails together periodically to verify accuracy of cuts, and aligns guides when dovetails do not fit, using wrench. May also be designated according to type of joint made as Dovetail-Machine Operator (wood working).

Job industry: wood working

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