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Location And Measurement Technician – Inspects machined watch parts to ensure that hole locations, contour measurements, and shapes conform, within prescribed tolerances, to blueprint specifications, using coordinate measuring machine (precision optical device) and working to tolerances of up to 0.00001 inch: Places watch part on viewing table of projector, adjusts focus of projector, and installs glass chart on viewing screen preparatory to inspection. Aligns part with specified locations or measurement points on chart and examines projected enlargement to determine if hole locations, contour, and shape of part fall within tolerance lines etched on chart. Positions part on microscope table of coordinate measuring machine to reexamine part and to obtain precise coordinate measurements. Observes part through microscope and adjusts calibrated controls of measuring machine to center watch part and to determine vertical and horizontal measurements. Compares readings with chart and blueprint specifications and calculates differences between readings and specifications. Records inspection data and interprets findings to supervisory personnel. May also operate coordinate measuring machine equipped with spotting and scribing device to locate, spot, and scribe tool, gauge, fixture, and die blanks and be designated Location-And-Measurement Technician, Tool Room (watches industry).

Job industry: watches industry

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