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Livestock Rancher: Livestock breeder, livestock farmer Breeds and raises livestock, for example beef cattle, dairy cattle, goats, horses, reindeer, sheep, and swine, for such purposes as sale of meat, riding or working stock, breeding, or for show, and for products, for example milk, wool, and hair: Selects and breeds animals according to knowledge of animals, genealogy, characteristics, and offspring desired. Selects pasture, range, and crop lands to graze animals and produce feed crops. Mixes feed and feed supplements according to dietary requirements of animals and availability of grazing land. Feeds, waters, grazes, and distributes salt licks for animals. Observes animals to detect signs of illness and injury, treats minor injuries and ailments, disinfects and vaccinates animals, and engages VETERINARIAN (medical industry) 073.101-010 to treat serious illnesses and injuries. Attends animals during and after birth of offspring. Castrates, docks, and dehorns animals. Brands, tattoos, notches ears, and attaches tags to identify animals. Milks cows and goats, shears sheep, and clips goats’ hair. Operates farm machinery to plant, cultivate, and harvest feed crops. Cleans and fumigates barns, stalls, and pens, and sterilizes milking machines and equipment. Cools milk to prevent spoilage and packages wool and other products for shipment. Maintains and repairs farm machinery, equipment, buildings, pens, and fences. Arranges for sale of animals and products. Maintains cost and operation records. May also butcher animals and cure meat. May also hire and supervise workers. May also exercise and train horses. May also groom and exhibit animals at livestock shows. May also be designated according to animal raised as Cattle Rancher (agricultural services industry), Dairy Farmer (agricultural services industry), Goat Farmer (agricultural services industry), Horse Rancher (agricultural services industry), Reindeer Rancher (agricultural services industry), Sheep Rancher (agricultural services industry), Swine Rancher (agricultural services industry). May also manage farm that raises and breeds thoroughbred horses and be designated Thoroughbred Horse Farm Manager (agricultural services industry).

Job industry: agricultural services industry

Other job descriptions:
Livestock Rancher
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Broomcorn Press Feeder
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Pot Fisher
Terrapin Fisher
Weir Fisher
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Fish Hatchery Worker
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Soft Crab Shedder
Clam Sorter
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Irish Moss Bleacher
Irish Moss Gatherer

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