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Lithographic Photographer – Lithographic-camera operator, photolithographer, photolithographic process worker, process-camera operator Sets up and operates horizontal or vertical process camera to photograph illustrations and printed material and produce film used in preparation of lithographic printing plates: Mounts material to be photographed on copyboard of camera, and adjusts camera settings to enlarge or reduce size of copy to be reproduced. Selects and places screen over high contrast film in camera to reproduce image with dot pattern for halftone printing. Places color filters between lens and film to produce four-color separations. Performs exposure tests to determine line, halftone, and color reproduction exposure lengths for various photographic factors, for example type of camera, screens, films, and light intensity. Measures degrees of darkness (density) of continuous tone images to be photographed, using densitometer, and enters readings into exposure control system of process camera to set exposure time for halftone images. Adjusts lens and copyboard for reduction or enlargement of copy and focus, adjusts lights, and exposes high contrast film for predetermined period of time. Places film in automatic film processor that develops, fixes, washes, and dries film. May also immerse film in series of chemical baths to develop image on film and hang film on rack to dry for manual method of processing film. May also measure original layouts and determine proportions needed to make reduced or enlarged photographic prints for pasteup.

Job industry: printing industry

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