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Lithographers And Related Jobs – This job group consists off jobs regarding to reproducing line or continuous tone copy on metallic printing plates for use in lithographic printing using lithographic process, photographing, scanning and assembling copy to produce film, and exposing and developing latent images on plate.

Job descriptions in this group:
Prepress Supervisor
Dot Etcher
Dot Etcher Apprentice
Lithographic 1 Stripper
Scanner Operator
Electronic Masking System Operator
Film Flat Inspector
Lithographic Platemaker
Lithographic Plate Maker Apprentice
Sketch Maker 2
Lithographic 2 Stripper
Transferrer 1
Paste Up Artist
Prepress Proofer
Paste Up Artist Apprentice
Lithographic Photographer Apprentice
Lithographic Photographer
Electron Beam Photo Mask Maker
Electron Beam Photo Mask Technician
Semiconductor Packages Platemaker
Music Engraver
Plate Grainer
Plate Grainer Apprentice
Plate Inspector

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