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Laundering Jobs: This job group consists off jobs regarding to washing, drying, and mending garments and household furnishings, for example blankets, curtains, and washable rugs, in commercial laundries. Includes sorting soiled articles, examining laundered articles for spots, tears, stains, wrinkles, and other defects, and folding laundered articles.

Job descriptions in this group:
Laundry Supervisor
Flatwork Tier
Machine Washer
Machine Rug Cleaner
Hand Launderer
Laundry Worker 1
Spotter 1
Conditioner Tumbler Operator
Continuous Towel Roller
Laundry Worker 2
Patching Machine Operator
Washing Machine Loader And Puller
Wet Wash Assembler
Classifier 1
Laundry Laborer
Linen Grader
Wearing Apparel Shaker
Hand Washer

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