Lathe Spotter: A description for the lathe spotter job

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Lathe Spotter – Positions veneer blocks (logs cut to length) between spindles of veneer lathe, using electric hoist: Measures diameter of block to locate and mark center, using ruler. Examines end of log to detect rot, cracks, and splits. Selects chuck of minimum diameter according to size and condition of block, and places block on lathe spindle. Secures hooks to ends of block, activates hoist to suspend block between lathe chucks, and signals VENEER-LATHE OPERATOR (wood industry) (wooden container) to press chucks into block. Removes knots, dirt, and other foreign matter, using ax, steam hose, and pick. May also assist in chaining lathe knives. May also operate lathe-charging-machine from console to position logs for automatic loading into rotary veneer lathe. May also be designated according to type of log peeled as Flitch Hanger (wood industry).

Job industry: wood industry

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