Jobs In Graphic Art Work Nec: A description for the jobs in graphic art work nec group

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Jobs In Graphic Art Work Nec – This job group consists off jobs, not elsewhere classified, regarding to graphic arts, for example engraving, roller making, silk screen printing, and other graphic arts and related activities.

Job descriptions in this group:
Blueprinting And Photocopy Supervisor
Printing Shop Supervisor
Publications Production Supervisor
Roller Shop Supervisor
Silk Screen Cutting And Printing Supervisor
Film Processing Shift Supervisor
Finishing Room Supervisor 1
Inspecting Supervisor
Production Supervisor 4
Sample Preparation Supervisor
Type Disk Quality Control Supervisor
Die Maker 2
Block Engraver
Picture Engraver
Electronic Prepress System Operator
Screen Printing Equipment Setter
Document Restorer
Instant Print Operator
Pantograph Setter
Engraver 1
Line Up Examiner
Roller Repairer
Sketch Maker 1
Stencil Maker
Clamper 2
Machine Engraver
Printer 1
Computer Typesetter Keyliner
Photographic Process Screen Maker
Rubber Engraver 1
Screen Printing Inspector
Letterer 1
Printer 2
Hand Roller Engraver
Silk Screen Cutter
Blocker 5
Blueprinting Machine Operator
Roller Varnisher
Router 1
Carbon Printer
Engraver 2
Legend Maker
Map And Chart Mounter
Print Shop Helper
Screen Printer
Screen Printer 1
Silk Screen Repairer
Printing Screen Assembler
Machine Silk Screen Printer
Examiner 3
Photostat Operator Helper
Plate Gauger
Screen Printer Helper
Type Copy Examiner
Furniture Decals Inspector
Lithographic General Worker

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