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Inspector I4 – Examines ceramic and porcelain products at various stages of manufacture for defects and adherence to standards: Examines ware surfaces for defects, for example pin marks, glaze runs, chips, cracks, mold marks, and deformities. Marks correctable defects with pencil, or finishes ware, using trimming tools, abrasives, and sponges. Feels edges (rims) and surfaces of ware with finger tips to detect rough spots. Smooths rough spots, using pumice stone or wet sponge and abrasive powder. Mixes ceramic and porcelain ingredients and examines mixture for foreign matter. May also verify measurements of metal dies for machine forming presses, using calipers, gauges, and micrometers. Maintains records of test results, and prepares analysis of defect causes based on test results. May also measure viscosity and specific gravity of mixed ceramic, porcelain, and glaze batches, using viscometer and volume device. May also test durability of ware at prescribed temperatures, using electric oven. May also conduct chipping test, using impact tester.

Job industry: porcelain industry

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