Impregnating Coating And Glazing Jobs: A description for the impregnating coating and glazing jobs group

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Impregnating Coating And Glazing Jobs: This job group consists off jobs regarding to impregnating, dip coating, brushing, spraying, rolling, or spreading materials with other substances. Includes uniting filaments of glass or mineral wool batts, silvering mirrors, solidifying asbestos fibers to form brake bands, and covering pottery with glazing sap.

Job descriptions in this group:
Glaze Supervisor
Glaze Supervisor 1
Silvering Department Supervisor
Hand Silvering Supervisor
Tile Shader
Abrasive Coating Machine Operator
Optical Glass Silverer
Silvering Applicator
Fiberglass Bonding Machine Tender
Dust Box Worker
Fiberglass Machine Operator
Spray Machine Operator
Ground Layer
Brake Linings Coater
Paint Spray Tender
Spray Machine Loader

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