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House Mover – Prepares buildings for moving from one site to another on trailer truck or rollers, determining most suitable technique based on knowledge of structures and moving-permit regulations: Observes size, shape, and position of building to determine placement of beams and route of travel. Cuts large buildings into sections, using carpentry tools, to facilitate moving building, and to comply with permit regulations. Breaks holes in foundation or removes underpinning, using steel cutters and carpentry tools. Directs workers in positioning timbers or steel beams under house. Positions jacks under beams and raises house. Rolls pneumatic-tired dollies under beams, lowers house onto dollies, and fastens dollies to beams, using chains. Bolts crossbeam to supporting beams to provide tow-bar to move house. Attaches winch-cable to crossbeams. Directs TRACTOR-TRAILER-TRUCK DRIVER (industry) in moving building to new location and positioning it on new site. May also turn guilding arm of rear dollies, using block and tackle to assist truck driver to negotiate sharp turns. May also erect foundation. May also lower and level house on foundation at new location, using hydraulic jacks. May also confer with city and highway officials to obtain permit to move house over streets and roads. May also direct CARPENTER HELPERS, HARDWOOD FLOORING (construction industry).

Job industry: construction industry

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