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Horseshoer: Plater Selects aluminum and steel shoes (plates) and fits, shapes, and nails shoes to animals’ hooves: Removes worn or defective shoe from hoof, using nail snippers and pincers. Examines hoof to detect bruises and cracks and to determine trimming required. Trims and shapes hoof, using knife and snippers. Measures hoof, using calipers and steel tape. Selects aluminum or steel shoe from stock, according to hoof measurements and animal usage. Places leather pad, sponge, or oakum-pine tar mixture on bruised or cracked hoof for protection. Shapes shoe to fit hoof, using swage, forge, and hammer. Nails shoe to hoof and files hoof flush with shoe. May also forge steel bar into shoe. May also drive shop truck to work site.

Job industry: agricultural services industry

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