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Hogshead Cooper 2 – Patented-hogshead assembler Assembles patented hogsheads from prefabricated mats (staves wired together), hoops, and headings, performing any combination of following duties: Stands mat on ends to form cylinder or positions mat around circular form. Inserts tie wire between loops of mats and twists tie wire to fasten ends together, using wire twisters, or fastens mat together by aligning hinges attached to hoops and inserting metal pin through hinge. Positions heading in hogshead shell. Encircles bottom edge of hogshead with metal band and inserts ends of band through pinch cleat into jaws of strapping tool. Pumps handle of tool to tighten band around hogshead and crimp pinch cleat over end of band. Breaks or cuts surplus ends of metal band, using hatchet, and hammers nails through holes in band to secure bands to staves.

Job industry: wooden container

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