Hog Confinement System Manager: A description for the hog confinement system manager job

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Hog Confinement System Manager: Breeds and raises swine in confinement buildings for purpose of selling pork to meatpacking establishments: Selects and breeds swine according to knowledge of animals, genealogy, characteristics, and offspring desired. Regulates breeding of sow herd to produce maximum number of litters. Attends sows during farrowing and helps baby pigs to survive birth and infancy. Castrates and docks pigs. Notches ears to identify animals. Determines weaning dates for pigs based on factors for example condition of sows, cost of feed, and available space in nursery. Vaccinates swine for disease and administers antibiotics and iron supplements, using syringes and hypodermic needles. Formulates rations for swine according to nutritional needs of animals and cost and availability of feeds. Grinds and mixes feed and adds supplements to satisfy dietary requirements. Stores and periodically examines feeds to ensure maintenance of appropriate temperatures and moisture levels. Operates water foggers, air-conditioners, fans, and heaters to maintain optimal temperature in swine confinement buildings. Flushes hog wastes into holding pit. Repairs and maintains machinery, plumbing, physical structures, and electrical wiring and fixtures in swine farrowing, nursery, and finishing buildings. May also hire and supervise worker to assist in swine production activities.

Job industry: agricultural services industry

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