Helper: A description for the helper job


Helper: A worker who assists another worker, usually of a higher level of competence or expertness, by performing a variety of duties, for example furnishing another worker with materials, tools, and supplies, cleaning work area, machines, and equipment, feeding or off bearing machines, holding materials or tools, and performing other routine duties. A helper (industry) Master Title may also learn a trade but does so without an agreement with employer that such is the purpose of their relationship. Consequently, the title helper (industry) is sometimes used as synonym for apprentice (industry) Master Title, a practice that is incorrect technically. A worker whose duties are limited or restricted to one type of activity, for example moving materials from one department to another, feeding machines, removing products from conveyors or machines, or cleaning machines or work areas is not technically a helper (industry) and is classified according to duties performed as material handler (industry), machine cleaner (industry), cleaner, industrial (industry). A worker who performs a variety of duties to assist another worker is a helper (industry) technically and is classified according to worker assisted as bricklayer helper (construction industry), dry-cleaner helper (laundry industry).

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