Hand Stonecutter: A description for the hand stonecutter job

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Hand Stonecutter – Chisel worker, stone dresser, stoneworker Cuts, shapes, and finishes rough blocks of building or monumental stone according to diagrams or patterns: Traces around pattern or transfers dimensions from diagrams to stone, using rule, straightedge, compass, square, and chalk or scriber. Selects surfacing tools according to finish specified or step in finishing process. Chips fragments of stone away from marks on stone, working surface of stone down to specified finish. Verifies progress of finishing to ensure adherence to specifications, using straightedge, level, plumb, and square. May also dress surface of stone with bushhammer. May also cut decorative designs in stone surface. May also cut moldings or grooves in stone that cannot be reached by machine. May also drill holes in stone. May also be designated according to product as Building Stonecutter (stone industry), Curbing Stonecutter (stone industry), Monument Stonecutter (stone industry).

Job industry: stone industry

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