Glass Unloading Equipment Tender: A description for the glass unloading equipment tender job

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Glass Unloading Equipment Tender – Cut-off-machine helper, cut-off-machine unloader Tends automatic vacuum crane that removes lites of glass from cutoff machine conveyor: Turns valves to activate vacuum cups on crane that hold glass during unloading-stacking cycle, and starts crane. Inspects glass for spalls (rough edges) as glass passes on conveyor. Trims spalls from glass with glass-cutting wheel and notifies GLASS-CUTTING-MACHINE OPERATOR, AUTOMATIC (glass industry) of glass condition for correction. Stops crane cycle to allow passage of broken or defective glass from conveyor into cullet waste glass chute. Counts glass stacked on turntable, and pushes switch to move turntable to next loading station. May also use spotlight to highlight defects in glass. May also work as member of team. May also load lites on automatic, multicutting machine to cut lites into sections, using automatic vacuum-cupped crane, and be designated Glass-Loading-Equipment Tender (glass industry).

Job industry: glass industry

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