Glass Blowing Lathe Operator: A description for the glass blowing lathe operator job

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Glass Blowing Lathe Operator – Operates glassblowing lathe to join and shape glass or plastic tubing, according to blueprints and work orders: Selects, inserts, and clamps specified mandrels in head and tailstock of lathe, using wrenches. Turns knobs to adjust rotation speed. Inserts and clamps tube and other glass parts of various lengths, shapes, and diameters to be joined in chucks, using mallet and wrenches. Lights fixed jets and hand torches and turns gas valves to adjust height and color of flames and obtain specified temperature. Turns handwheels to move head and tailstock and bring workpieces in contact with flames. Blows through hose connected to center of chuck to shape glass or maintain air pressure within tube. Selects and manipulates spatula, hand torches and tips, and glass rods to shape, seal, splice, imbed, and weld rotating parts according to specifications. Uses hand torch and fixed jets to anneal joined or shaped areas. Turns handwheels to move head and tailstock and stretch or separate heated stock to specifications. May also manually move glass tube over flame and blow it into specified shape.

Job industry: glass products

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