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General 2 Farmworker: Chore tender, farm laborer Performs variety of manual, animal-and-crop-raising tasks on general farm under close supervision: Feeds and waters cattle, poultry, and pets. Cleans barns, stables, pens, and kennels, using rake, shovel, water, and other cleaning materials. Digs seedlings, for example tobacco plants, strawberries, tomatoes, and orchard trees, using hoe, and transplants them by hand. Shovels earth to clear irrigation ditches and opens sluice gates to irrigate crops. Cleans plows, combines, and tractors, using scraper and broom. Picks, cuts, or pulls fruits and vegetables to harvest crop. Stacks loose hay, using pitchfork, or pitches hay into automatic baling machine. Stacks bales of hay and bucks them onto wagon or truck, using handhook.

Job industry: agricultural services industry

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General 2 Farmworker
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