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Forming Machine Operator 1: Automatic forming machine operator, flow machine operator, glass blower, machine forming Sets up and operates automatic glass forming machines that either press, blow, or spin gobs (lumps) of molten glass in molds to form bottles, containers, cathode ray tubes, and other glass products: Adjusts shears to cut or plungers to force gobs from forehearth, using handtools. Installs and adjusts feeder tubes leading from forehearth to molds to deliver gob to mold, using wrenches. Mounts and bolts blanking molds and final molds to hanger arms on machine, or bolts molder to spinner plates, using handtools. Installs and aligns neck rings and press plungers to blanking molds, using wrenches, to form neck and mouths of product. Couples air lines to molds and coolant lines to mold jacket to regulate solidification of formed glass. Couples gas lines to burners under molds to maintain plasticity of glass during forming. Adjusts trip buttons on timer drum to set gob feeding, blank molding, final molding, and product discharging sequence. Turns controls to regulate air pressure, gas pressure, glass temperatures, and coolant flow. Observes machine operation to maintain sequences and air and fluid volumes, using knowledge of machine operation and product specifications. Frequently swabs molds with graphite solution to prevent glass from sticking to mold, using swab or spray gun. Periodically, visually examines product for surface defects that indicate damaged or scored molds and measures shape, size, and weight of product, using fixed gauges and scales to determine if air pressure, solidification rate, and gob size are correct. May also regulate annealing lehrs to cool glass product. May also be designated by product formed as Bottle-Machine Operator (glass industry). May also be called Mold-Press Operator (glass industry) if operating press-and-blow machine with indexing turntable.

Job industry: glass industry

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